Főoldal Kosaram Olaszország Piemonte Vajra Barbera Superiore 2011

Barbera Superiore 2011 Piemonte Vajra

"Barbera - a legjobbak közül!"

7 200 Ft Űrtartalom: 0.75 l (9 600 Ft / l )
Szőlőfajta Barbera
Ország Olaszország
Borvidék Piemonte

Bricco Delle Viole: stands out in Barolo.  e soil is composed of limestone and light clay,

rich in magnesium and manganese, and very low in iron.

Our family takes pride in preserving these old Barbera vines amidst the plentiful Nebbiolo


Bricco Bertone: vineyards, to the right of the Talloria creek, lies right on the border
of the Comune of Serralunga D’Alba, with formations of Lequio, dating back to 10
million years ago. It is characterized by low vegetal vigour and yield, therefore producing
high density and concentration which come together in seducing  finesse.
Termelő Vajra
Űrtartalom 0.75l
Alkoholtartalom 15% Vol.
Maradékcukor g/l
Sav g/l
Fogyasztható 2020